This is a simple blog for simple and complicated thoughts. The owner of this blog really just has a lot of thoughts that goes through his mind and he felt like he needed an actual outlet before he went crazy. This blog is entitled “Sounding Board” for a reason. A sounding board, interpersonally, is someone who listens to what you have to say and gives his/her opinion on the matter, critiquing and commenting on whatever it is you have to say. A sounding board listens to anything and everything you have to say and tries his/her very best not to filter his/her comments. I want this blog to be just like that. Where discourse between the blog owner and the blogging community can occur about any topic they wish. If you have anything you want to discuss or me to bring up in a future blog entry, just message me up or comment on one of my entries. As a sounding board, all comments are welcome. Just make sure to follow internet etiquette.


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